Since the beginning of the adult web, webmasters and site owners have struggled to figure out which billing company is the best for their business.

The short answer is that it really depends on what you want from an adult biller. Do you want to run your own merchant account? Do you want to use a third party? Is an automated affiliate system an important part of your business? Do you want to run your own affiliate software and payouts?

As always, price is most site owners and administrators first concern.

The second concern is how easy it is to integrate.

Most clients using ClickCastX do not have a full time staff of web technicians who can handle the sometimes complex process of integrating with a new billing company.

In an effort to minimize the headaches that adding and integrating any billing company can be, we are proud to announce our version 2.0 of our session based and password file management module.

This new module allows any client using ClickCastX to add a simple password membership authentication process to protect their recorded videos, photo-sets and even live cam videos.

Clients using ClickCastX can now, in minutes, point a password file to a biller-run management script, which in most cases is 100% installed for free by the billing company the same day! We can always install it for free usually within 1 day!

What this ultimately means is that now ClickCastX is 100% compatible for membership billing with ANY billing company which uses password scripts. (and almost all do!) It also opens up full NATS compatibility and MPA3 compatibility.

In the past clients of ClickCastX were limited to only the billing companies we were fully integrated with: CCBILL, Netbilling, Ortibal Pay, Zombaio, Epoch, 2checkout, WorldPay, Eprocessing Network, NMI,, Bitpay, etc.

Now with this new module any biller using a password management process can work with ClickCastX membership authentication system.

Segpay, Psbill, Verotel, Instabill – really 1000’s of companies which accept adult merchant accounts or third party processors. The list is endless – just ask us!

Claude Lai

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