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  • Users can load credits or money into a wallet and pay for digital goods.
  • Live cam model signup and payout management.
  • Live cam model tipping.
  • Live cam model pay per minute or per time.
  • Live cam models can go live from their mobile devices.
  • Live cam private chats.
  • Live cam models can write blogs.
  • Live cam models can send emails to their users.


  • Offer a streaming video or scene for $2.00 pay per minute
  • Offer a streaming video or scene for $19.00 unlimited viewing for 2 days or unlimited days (owned)
  • Use the shopping cart checkout process to offer downloads for purchase
  • Use the rental streaming method to offer videos or scenes for limited time viewing!


  • Sell individual photo sets.
  • Sell photo sets as zips
  • Create a photo gallery membership website.


  • Sell digital downloads
  • Protect video content under a membership subscription.

ClickCastX can do this a more! Run your own adult photo, video membership, vod or live webcam software system like the big adult companies!


Users can watch videos or see purchased photo and video content on almost any web-enabled device:

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X+
  • Linux
  • Android Tablets and Mobile Devices
  • Apple IOS iPhone mobile and iPad devices
  • Any HTML5 capable device

Compatible Billing / Affiliate / Software Companies:

  • Our own billing system
  • WordPress Plugin



5.0 Feature Description Included
Memberships Protect photo or video content under a membership or VIP membership where some content is protected and other content is discounted. check
Base Admin Currency Allow your site now to be in the currency of your native country. Reports in the admin can now be in any currency you wish without having to convert from one currency to another. check
Photo Management Photoset option – upload photosets – watermarking and zip of photo content – gallery management and creation. Photo zips for rentals or in memberships (protected galleries) check
Blog Section New article or blog section – models can make a blog and write content which can be seen by users. check
Auto-Encoding Auto encoding process to allow admins to encode videos and it auto makes thumbs – when a video thumb is mouse-over the thumbs rotate through the ones created. (hover-over thumb rotation) check
Additional Thumbs Show additional thumbs in the product pages if available on the main product pages up to 20 thumbs can be displayed of a product, photoset or video as a preview. check
Model Messaging Allow users to message models and allow models to message users through the system. Text messages can be send to models to users or users to models privately. check
All new Model Webcam All new webcam module completely custom built allowing users to do private chats with models, per minute, or block of time or free chats or chats only to members. Models can go live easily in their logged in areas and assign pricing for their chats and the admin decides on how much the model makes based on those settings. Models can assign what profile info they can have as public or private as well to paying members or free users. The model webcam is 100% compatible with tablets and mobile devices. check
Social Networks Models can post profile information and allow users to communicate with them via their own private email, Skype, Facebook, twitter, YouTube and a host of other network systems. Follow the models via their social networks and models can select what social information is available to either free, users, paying members or is private. check
Fraud Control All new fraud settings for members – limit the amount of users logged in as the same time or block a user’s ip after too many failed logins. check
Affiliate Add-On Allow users to become affiliate or signup affiliates to promote your content and affiliates get the percentage assigned by the admin and create payouts. check
Elevated X Import All new Elevated X import function – import your Elevated X content database or other adult CMS on the market. Our expert team will help you migrate your site over to our system. There is an extra cost for this service. check
Manage Languages Manage languages for the front and admin all through the admin allowing for unlimited languages to be added or managed. check
Content Management Allow content partners and models to manage and encode video content and upload photo galleries in their own front side secure areas. Content partners can manage – videos, photos just like the admin – and assign pricing only for their content. Models can add videos or photosets just like the admin without the admin having to manage their content or provide them admin access. check
Upload Raw Videos The ClickCastX system allows you to batch upload videos for encoding directly from the admin. Our batch upload system allows you to upload raw videos in AVI, Mpeg, WMV, FLV, Mov and many other formats and encode them directly for encoding and delivery into the VOD system. check
Encode Videos ClickCastX can encode films from almost any source video format into Mp4 format ready for video streaming. With ClickCastX, you can encode videos by creating profiles for each quality you want to provide to your users. Such as “Low”, “Medium”, “High”, and “High Definition.” You can also encode videos from raw files into formats for downloading by your users such as AVI, Mpeg and Wmv. check
Manage Sections With ClickCastX, you can manage categories, attach directors, actors and other metdata to your videos for easy filtering of your content by your users. Make it easy for your users to find what they are looking for. check
See Reports With ClickCastX you can see real time stats of all your videos and partner accounts and the amount of gross and net income generated for each video or by date period. check
Manage Pages and Templates You can manage and create individual pages such as “support” and “about us” pages and manage them via a simple to use WYSIWYG system. check
Complete template system Built upon a caching based smarty template system. This template system, allows you to easily modify the look and feel of the frontend and studio operator frontends easily to match your site design. ClickCastX is fully customizable, and can be made to look exactly as you require. ClickCastX is offered in three different skins and each skin can be changed easily. check
Customize templates With ClickCastX you can manage your streaming servers via the administrative area. Here you can set which servers are primary or secondary, as well as create failover and offer load balancing for all your video streaming servers. ClickCastX works with the Wowza Media Server. check
Fraud Protection The admin is now IP protected and automatically locks up admin users after a certain amount of failed attempts. Users cannot share accounts and are forced out if another user from another IP or location logs into the same account. Videos are protected using anti-hotlinking methods preventing both downloading and streaming from non-authorized locations. check
Add Embed Add videos by importing the embedding codes from external websites like YouTube, Vimeo or hosted video galleries. check
Edit Templates within the admin No need to know how to use FTP, just edit the css, images and template files from within the admin. Upload images and CSS as well. check
Change theme colors Edit the CSS file of the frontend from the admin order to change colors, font sizes and add background images. check
Multi-Language Support Full Support to add as many languages as you need to the mobile and web user templates. Map English words to the Language you desire. Automatically detect the user’s browser to show the desired language. check
Turn on/off widgets Enable or disable the left and right side pages from the admin without any need to edit the templates. check
Comments and Reviews Allow registered users to comment and review videos. Manage reviews and comments within the admin. check
Google Analytics Add analytics code to pages as well as videos in the flash player to track user activity into your Google Account. check
Block Locations Block countries from not seeing individual videos. check
Storefront Plugin Sell physical products in the storefront. CD, DVDs, T-shirts or anythng. Purchase Orders are sent via Email. Control Inventory, Shipping Costs. Provide discounts to digital goods if physical products are purchased at the same time. check

ClickCastX is SIX different CMS systems in ONE!


* Photo set content management system (CMS) – upload photo sets in large resolution size and it will automatically make thumbnails, zips and add watermarks.
* Video set (CMS) – upload and encode videos
* Membership CMS – upload photo or video content and product it under a simple membership system sell content with many popular adult billing companies.
* Video on Demand (VOD) Software – sell video or photo content – pay per view – users can watch or download content for a set price and time period you determine.
* Digital Downloads – sell video clips or photo set zips.
* Live Cam – go live with your own models – users can watch pay per minute, tipping and much more.

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