LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX, provider of theClickCastX Content Management Solution, has announced its completion of a new social marketing scheduling module.

“This new module allows our clients to automatically schedule posts to the major social networking websites,” said Claude Lai, owner of ClickCastX.

Administrators can now schedule video or photo content and post it to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. “Acceptable” soft content, ClickCastX said, can now be posted instantly to your social networking sites in order to promote them.”

ClickCastX cited 3wasonnet.com as an example of a client that used social media with excellent results. 3wasonnet.com is the official site of Eva Sonnet, described by ClickCastX as “a pretty, busty Polish girl who does not even do hardcore.”

ClickCastX said of Sonnet’s said, “The premise of the site is simple: a HD video and photo set are added each week. What we witnessed was not typical. Shortly after going live, our servers were hit hard with tens of thousands of requests. And we saw this site go from zero members to thousands within only a few weeks.”

ClickCastX said, “What was unique was that the entire marketing approach of Eva’s site was soft content promotion on Facebook and other social marketing sites. Her Facebook site now boasts over 1.1 million likes. Each time she makes a new update, users flock to her site and download the latest clip or photoset. She personally comments on each item of content and allows users to comment as well.”

Sonnet, according to ClickCastX, is a prime example of why the company decided to implement a social media module.

“This is a great example of how powerful social marketing can be — the two-way interaction between users and performers, the value of a real connection with users and content producers,” ClickCastX said. “We have seen this event replicated over the years a few times, which is why we decided to add this new module to allow our clients to add social network content automatically to build their fan base. Social marketing, we believe, is the most powerful and fastest method to generate income.”

ClickCastX said, “Of course, good content, constant updates and a good user interface are also important. And lets not forget the power of good SEO marketing and keyword density.”

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