LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX, provider of the ClickCastX content management solution, has announced the launch of its new 360 VR production services. ClickCastX said it “can now provide full turnkey video 360 VR camera and crew rentals for a variety of adult productions.”

“We can provide live and non-live pro-quality VR rigs as well as post-production stitching services— everything you need to create your own 360 VR content,” a spokesperson forClickCastX said.

ClickCastX said it has “partnered with some of the top videographers in the adult business in Los Angeles and Atlanta” and “can fly to almost any worldwide location given the availability and budget.”

“In Atlanta, we can also provide a complete studio rental if you need it as well,” aClickCastXrepresentative said. “We can also provide gay and straight talent if you need that as well. Just ask us.”

ClickCastX said, “Our 360 VR camera rental packages come complete with an experienced camera crew. 360 2D and 3D professional rigs can be rented on a daily or weekly rental basis.”

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