Los Angeles, California. ClickCastX, provider of the ClickCastX Content Management Solution, today announced the integration of a two new A.I. – Facial, Image and Logo recognition APIS from Microsoft and Google.

“This new integration allows our clients, for the first time, to utilize the recognition learning APIs of Microsoft and Google to automatically learn from your photo and video content and create tags within the ClickCastX CMS without having to do any manual work! All I can say in some of our early tests is Holy Cow, they really do learn and work!” Said the owner of ClickCastX – Claude Lai.

Remembering back more than sixteen years ago when we first started in the adult business, most adult content sites were built using static HTML pages. Few even had any kind of CMS unless it was custom built.

Building and managing any kind of CMS was available only to clients who could afford the expense to build one.

Now with the recent release and deployment of these new recognition APIs, it’s another technological leap forward to full site publishing automation.

Videos and photo content can now be uploaded and processed through these APIs to matching algorithms.

What this means in simple terms is that if you have a deep library of models on your site, these APIs can match new content your produce to automatically identify these models without you having to assign the models to new content.

These APIs can also identify objects – like bedroom, high heels, man, woman, etc. The more these APIs see the more they learn.

Our clients can now encode a video and run it at the same time through a matching process using these recognition APIS.

The video can now be tagged in our CMS for –

– matching models on your site already
– matching objects – toys, whips, you name it.
– The amount of people in the video
– And much more

If all of this seems a little Star Trekish it is!

Now users can no longer search a video on our site for keywords but those results can also bring back results just like the actors in the Star Trek movies and TV shows did.

“What videos and time index is model John Smith featured in…?”

Result: John Smith is in 15 years – he is seen in video “Bad Girlz….Startime: 2.30 – Endtime: 11.15.)1280

“What time index is the two girl scene start and end at….?”

“What time index does the bedroom scene start…?”

It’s only the beginning but the time saving feature this provides our clients, especially those with lots of content is mind blowing…

If you would like to see a demo – just email us at [email protected] .