LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX announced the completion of a new theme. A 360 virtual reality ready LIVE CAM theme.
“This new theme is the most comprehensive one we have ever built. It is slick, all new and integrated with a brand new virtual reality video player. For the first time our clients can offer recorded and live cam videos on any device without having to use a mobile app.

We have completely rebuilt our frontend LIVE CAM themes from scratch. You can see a demo here – https://www.wecamtv.com/ . The integration of the VR video player now allows our clients to showcase VOD and LIVE CAM content to their users like never before!” explains ClickCastX owner, Claude Lai.
Live streaming is now available in full 360 / VR through Wowza Media Server. VOD videos can be played back using Wowza as well and users can have their pay-per-minute, pay per view, private cam sessions and much more, all available using their VR Oculus devices or watch it in 360 VR on their tablets, mobile devices or computers.

The new VR LIVE CAM theme will really redefine what live cam sites will look and function like. There is really nothing else in the market which comes close.

This theme, as with all the products offered by ClickCastX can also function as a VOD site, membership site, and much much more!
This new theme is also compatible with all our VR mobile APPS available for the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

To request a demo, email [email protected] or visit us at https://www.clickcastx.com