LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX has announced the release of version 3.0 of its content management and video-on-demand (VOD) software solution.

According to the company, five years after the first version hit the market, ClickCastX — which started as a humble, turnkey video-on-demand software platform, is now a multi-site, multi-product, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-billing, affiliate, video encoding, live webcam, storefront, and content management software system, all built into one.

“You can of course integrate ClickCastX with your current CMS or dynamic website [to] add a VOD option or downloads option or membership option. ClickCastX works great with many other CMS systems,” explains a company rep, adding “ClickCastX 3.0 represents a complete overhaul of the currentClickCastX software platform, and boasts all new custom features which make it the only system you would ever need to run for any adult site.”

ClickCastX 3.0 offers an impressive list of features, including the ability to manage content by uploading large resolution photosets in batches, watermarking them, and generating thumbnail images and ZIP files automatically. Videos can be batch encoded in one easy step, while automatically generating up to 20 preview thumbnails for each clip. Audio or e-book content or any other digital content can also be uploaded, with a unique billing method specified for each. Tangible goods such as DVDs, T-shirts and almost anything else can be added to a site using this system.

ClickCastX 3.0 supports a wide range of billing methods, such as for website memberships, where site owners can protect their content behind a secure session, to offer photo sets, videos, audios, e-books, or any other digital content, for a monthly, daily or yearly price, with trial options and more. Individual content sales are also covered, with options for Pay Per View sales allowing users to view streaming videos or audios or to rent photo galleries with a limited viewing time. Pay Per Download allow users to download any digital product for a price, while Pay-Per Minute billing allows live or non-live video or audio content to be streamed and charged on a per minute basis.

Private Chats, where webcam models can charge per minute or per time block for private audio/video and text chats, are also catered to, as is the presentation of free content that allows users to watch or download free content and advertise this content using pre-roll video ads or banners. VIP Memberships allow site owners to discount some content or allow some content to be available only to VIP or paying subscribed members, and not to ones who only registered for free.

Customized content, with coupon discounts applied to specified content, content grouping for display only to certain users or sites, and the ability to select exactly which content is free or paid and the billing method to charge each offer with is also available.

ClickCastX 3.0 allows users to customize their site without programming, using nine new skins with two mobile and two responsive themes. Just select a skin, upload a logo and the site is ready to go. Hide and unhide sections of the frontend without having to touch the templates or edit the templates right from the admin panel. Different themes can be assigned to different sites, different devices and more, while default languages or currencies — including custom choices — are all optional.

A wide variety of free add-ons is available, including the ability to allow models to sign up and make a percentage of sales from private per minute video/audio and text chats or for live chat time blocks. Site owners can show reports and provide payouts to models and allow models to upload their own content. Likewise, content partners can make a percentage of sales from their content, which they can upload on their own, while an integrated affiliate program lets other webmasters get paid on the traffic they send, also with reports and the ability to provide payouts directly to affiliates.

Users can add leased-gallery content and other third-party content without programming skills, while fraud controls help protect the site from shared passwords and brute force attacks.

Need more interaction? Allow models to blog or send messages to users — it’s all part ofClickCastX.

“In a few easy steps you can have your site active. Just choose a biller, upload your content and go live,” the rep concluded. “It really is that simple.”

ClickCastX 3.0 pricing starts at $150 per month with no commitment, and including all modules, with no up-sells for add-ons — the system comes complete for one price. TheClickCastX platform uses the Wowza Flash Media Streaming System and imposes no complex server requirements, with the company offering free installation.

For more information, visit www.clickcastx.com.