Los Angeles, California. ClickCastX, provider of the ClickCastX Content Management Solution, today announced the of a new SMS texting function where users can send direct text messages to the phones of online cam models for a price!
“This new feature will allow our ClickCastX clients, for the first time, to have their online cam models text directly (phone to phone) with users on our platform. This is a great add-on as models can put any price they want to receive or accept texts,” Said Claude Lai, CEO of ClickCastX.

Random (throw away) phone numbers are displayed for each online cam model. Users texts are tracked and their account balances are deducted from as they text with models.

This new module requires the integration of an online SMS gateway. These gateways usually charge only a few cents per text. This allow our clients to upsell this functionality. It is a great way to earn additional income as well great more interactivity between users and online cam models.

Online SMS texting which can include images, video or text is a great way for users to interact with online cam models. This new module is a great way to compete with the large cam sites and provide a unique offering to your site’s users.

Sign-up now – https://www.clickcastx.com/buynow

Our plans still start at only $150 per month!

See our live video demo here:

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