In this video Claude Lai of describes how to choose a good domain.

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Making the choice of a good domain is one of the most important decisions you can make.
Tips on choosing a good domain

STEP 1: Choose a good name:

* Choose a short domain name * Do not use “­” or numbers in the domain name * Try to get the .com of the domain name * Use a good registrar for your domain name

Recommend ones are :

* Choose a domain which is easy to spell and remember


No more than 2-3 words in the domain.

STEP 2: Search for your domain name keywords

* Discover the best keywords for your domain * Use to find keywords * Use /  to see keyword popularity * Search google for your keywords of your new domain…

Go to tools – keyword tool once you signup.

* Do a trademark search on your domain keywords…

STEP 3: Final Steps in Choosing a good Domain

* Secure the other popular extensions if possible

.com, .org, .net, .us

* Make sure your domain name relates to your business
* Research if your domain name keywords are available for  social networks

Search YouTube for your domain keywords.
Search Facebook for your domain keywords.
Search twitter for your domain keywords.
Search Pinterest for your domain keywords
And others like Google+

* Make sure your find a good hosting company

I recommend –

* Keep your domain info private
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