Los Angeles, California. ClickCastX, provider of the ClickCastX Content Management Solution, today announced the completion of it’s tube version of ClickCastX! For the first time you can run your own turnkey tube site and use it to promote your own niche.

As content creators, the adult industry has always being fighting a losing battle with the tube sites which offer their content for free. In some cases without any credit to the content creator.


I remember, years back before tube sites were even developed just how powerful the membership business model was. The entire business model was all about recurring billing. Back then ( now going back fifteen years ) most users would remain members for up to six months or longer. Depending on your niche, these days you are lucky if a user can say two months if at all!

I attribute these factors to the decline of the subscription model:

1. The creation of the free tube sites which have taken most of the traffic away from small sites.

2. The fact of a generational shift in the idea of paying for content which was spawn first from Napster then Kazaa then YouTube. The first industry to go was the music business because MP3 were so easy to download and share and now with faster speeds videos are shared just as easily especially on torrent sites. This has also changed the landscape for not just the adult business but mainstream media as well.

3. Going back about 15 years ago, most users had REAL credit cards with credit balances now almost ALL clients use a DEBIT CARD to make transactions online including paying for adult sites. What this means is that users see exactly what they are being billed for in real time. Getting alerts from their bank and checking their bank balance on a daily basis.

Part of this is why LIVE CAM has become so popular. You can interact with model in real time rather than just watching content which you can get for free on most tube sites.

The membership and video on demand models, although, I still believe have great value if you have found your right niche. These are usually in the fetish or fan type websites. No so much on the generic content mega sites.

We still get new clients each month who start a membership site and are able to do really well really quick. These usually have a built in fan-base for a particular girl or guy or niche.

Having said that, many of our clients have been asking for a state-of-the-art solution to promote their content. It can be teaser or full length, but a World THEY control and make money. The most popular tube sites are the niche sites as well. Our ClickCastX platform is extremely SEO friendly which means if you want to go after a particular niche using a Tube site model, you can with ease.

You can dominate your market and get high  SEO rankings and funnel this to your own sites or make money from affiliate sites.

Our Tube system can also allow you to bulk import content from sites like Xhamster or Pornhub. You can also add LIVE or Virtual Reality Content.

Evolution is difficult but if we do not adapt, we will be left behind.



Claude Lai

ClickCastX is a complete turnkey platform and is cheaper than purchasing some dedicated server plans!

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