Los Angeles, California. ClickCastX, provider of the ClickCastX Content Management Solution, today announced the completion of a sophisticated add on to its live webcam software platform which will allow live cam models to automatically select which location they are located and and therefore increase the speed at which their live cam will upload to a network CDN or dedicated server to the user.

“The most difficult part of Live Caming is the model’s source location.” Said Claude Lai, CEO of ClickCastX today. “This new module will allow live cam models using the ClickCastX platform to have the platform automatically select where they are located using Wowza’s array of servers located all around the World.”

Through IP localization of where the live cam model is located, and using Wowza’s Cloud CDN for live broadcasting, the ClickCastX platform can detect and determine which Wowza node ( or server location ) is located.

Live cam models from: Australia, India, Russia, U.S, U.K or almost anywhere can be automatically detected and the closest streaming point and allow the fastest, highest quality HD streaming with no buffering to be available no matter where the model is located.

Users also take advantage of the automatic replication of the live stream all around the World instantly by the Wowza CDN cloud so that they can enjoy the highest qualtiy live streams without buffering.


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