The way to make money in the adult industry on the web is constantly changing. What’s best way to stay one-step ahead of everyone else?

The answer; ALWAYS is – Adopting to the Latest Technology without spending a fortune on custom development.

My dedicated team of developers and expert marketers and I go back to almost the very start of the adult web space. Innovating tiny jpeg-pushed live streaming videos with ( at DHD Media back in the 90s.

Back then, if you built an adult site you could easily market it and grow your membership base. Ironically, the cost of technology was insane! You could either update everything manually in HTML or pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a custom content management software (CMS.)

Today, CMS systems are very inexpensive or free like WordPress (and many others), which offer (with very little customizing), a simple way for adult sites to run a CMS.

What has changed is the hard reality that trying to get affiliates, have your site found in the SEOs is now almost impossible for new sites and even prominent mega-giants like AEBN have to continue to change their business models.

Advances in technology happen today more in mainstream than in the adult space. The exact opposite of what used to happen over ten years ago.

Over the past 11 years, I have dedicated millions of dollars and 1000s of development hours to building the most innovate, robust, Enterprise-Level adult CMS ever built. With thousands of satisfied clients who have benefited from managing and creating their own sites using our software CLICKCASTX.

The CLICKCASTX Platform does NOT have to be a replacement of your current CMS, it can be an EXTENSION of it.

* We DO NOT outsource our tech or support EVER!
* We have been nominated numerous times as the BEST CMS OF THE YEAR!
* Our CMS is UPDATED all the time!
* ENTERPRISE LEVEL – Multi-Site cloning, Session-Based Content Groups and Dynamic Theming based on the referring URL!

What sets us apart: (We offer what NO ONE ELSE does or even comes close!)

* Sell anything in anyway – VOD, Pay Per View, Per Minute, Digital Downloads, Hybrid Models, etc.
* Live Cam broadcasting without flash or a computer required!
* Private Roku Channel Development in minutes!
* Mobile App and Virtual Reality App Development in Minutes!
* A.I facial and Object Recognition transcoding!
* Advanced SEO tools!

And so much more!

If you would like to schedule a 15 minute demonstration of the CLICKCASTX PLATFORM, please let me know. We can also offer any type of customizing and ask us about any promotional offers we are running.

Just mentioning some of it’s features here does not do it justice of how expandable and modular CLICKCASTX really is.

CLICKCASTX is owned and managed by Adult Digital Solutions.

Thank you in advance for reviewing the above.  I look forward to your reply or referral!


Claude Lai
Adult Digital Solutions / ClickCastX
[email protected]