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Don’t just settle for a mere Content Management System. ClickCastX allows your content to be managed like never before! ClickCastX is a complete Adult Monetization System!

Digital Downloads
Pay Per View Rentals
Live Webcams


After working for thousands of adult websites since 1998, our highly experienced technical team at Adult Digital Solutions decided to create automated content management solutions for our clients. Some of these clients are still using these systems today.
The automation of uploading, encoding and managing content is the key to our client’s success and over 8 years ago we built the first version of ClickCastX as a Video on Demand Software Platform.

Since it’s early beginnings as just a VOD software platform, ClickCastX developed into so much more.

ClickCastX 4.0 now boasts over 200+ features from Roku Channel Development to SmartTV and mobile themes to hybrid membership models.

ClickCastX 1.0 was the core development of more than 15 years experience in developing custom software solutions for many of the largest sites in the adult industry. Our clients needed solutions which could automate the process of managing their adult sites no matter what business model they were using.

Most of the features in the current version of ClickCastX were created based on particular client’s specifications from our coupon and newsletter modules to live reporting for partners, live webcam broadcasting and Roku channel creation.

Since ClickCastX was created, it has grown into a complete photo, video, e-book and product content management and monetization solution which allows our clients to sell their content in a multitude of ways:

– memberships and VIP memberships
– pay per view and pay per download
– pay per minute and pay per session
– load credits or minutes
– advertising pre-rolls, image ads, text ads
– live 2 way video and audio text chat
– mobile and tablet APPs, Smart TV and Roku Development

ClickCastX 4.0 is multi-language, multi-currency and responsive template optimized to publish any digital or physical product or content to any web-enabled device.




Claude Lai, CEO